Learn How To Get the Girl You Love Back


Falling in love is a natural thing that happens to everyone.  It is one of the most wonderful feelings that a person have.  Loving someone entails a lot of sacrifice and commitment to make the other person feel how much you love him or her.  Some love affairs are meant to last.  Some people are meant to have a happy ever after with the person he or she loves.  However, not all love affairs lead to happy endings.  Some lead to heartbreak and pain.  Some may be dumped by the person they love.  Some may lose their loved one due unforeseen circumstance.  Some may lose the love of their life due to irreconcilable differences.

Losing the girl you love can be a tragedy.  This would mean that you also lost the chance to fulfil whatever plans and dreams you have together.  This would also mean that you would have to live your life alone and would have to teach yourself again how to overcome the misery and pain.  Some break ups may even be life changing.  You may even have to teach yourself how to trust and love again.

Steps To Take

Getting the girl you love back may be tricky and tiring.  It all depends on how much you still want to be with her and most importantly, how much she wants to be with you. There are several things that you can consider when trying to get the girl you love back.

  1.  Time and space.  Give your girl time and space to recover and to sort herself out.  Every person would need some time alone especially after a break up.  This is to help themselves recover from the pain and reorganize his or her life.  Your girl may just need some time to think things through.  If you may have done her wrong, and that was the reason of the break up, give her time to forgive you.  Though she may not be able to forget what you have done, she can definitely forgive you given enough time to heal all the pain and accept what has happened.

However, giving her too much time and space may make her think that you are no longer interested and convince herself that you are not worth forgiving and that the relationship is not worth saving.

  1. Apologize with sincerity.  If you done your girl wrong, apologize for what has happened.  Make her see and feel how sorry you are and that you regret what you have done.  A girl would know how sincere you are with your apology so don’t ever try doing this just to get her back.  Do not force her as well to forgive you instantly.  She will forgive you in due time.
  2. Understand her needs.  A girl’s needs may differ and may change every time.  A girl may say no but would mean yes, and vice versa.  You need to understand what your girl really means with her answers.  Yes, I know that that would be hard and quite tricky, but if you know your girl really well, this would not be hard for you. Also, get to know what she wants and needs in a relationship. Understand both her wants and needs.
  3. Make her feel special again.  A girl will always be a girl regardless how strong she is. A girl would still want to be courted, would still want to receive flowers and chocolates, and short notes or a card.  Especially if they were given even when there is no occasion.  This makes her feel special, makes her feel that you remember her and that you really care.  Though cheesy it may sound, but these sweet nothings still matter.  If you really want your girl back, send her a short note, a bouquet of her favorite flowers, or her favorite chocolate or even get her a book, or anything that she loves.  This would mean that you are still thinking of her, that these things reminded you of her.
  4. Be her friend.  A girl would always want their boyfriend to be their friend too.  After a break up, you cannot force your girl to accept you back immediately.  Of course, you would have to show her that you are her friend first.  Everything definitely starts with friendship.  This may mean that you are back to square one, but what the heck, if that is the only way to get her back, then so be it.

These are just a few tips on how to get your ex back.  Just like what I said at the start, you would have to show the purest of intention to make this work. Even with the best intentions, there are a lot of people failing the process because there are so many places where they might screw up. Prevent that from happening and get a wide set of authentic advice on the subject, just submit your email to our 6 part relationship saving course and we’ll do the rest. We don’t send scam and it’s totally free.


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