How to Deal With My Crazy Ex Wife?

patienceSometimes dealing with an ex wife is difficult. In cases where in your crazy ex wife is still spiteful of the separation, it is really impossible for her to accept that your relationship as husband and wife already ended. It will be a difficult situation when your ex wife is still revolting on the divorce.

The question is, how will treat your ex wife? The best thing to do with your ex wife after the separation is to be civil. Without a doubt, being social with your ex wife will make it naturally less difficult to make important decisions in your no longer married life. But this is not as easy as it seems. It is undeniable that there may be instances that it would be almost impossible to sustain being civil. This article with provide helpful tips to help you better interact with your crazy ex wife. I hope you can find this tips useful and with this may you relate to your ex-wife in a more positive way.

Emotional Finality

In general, it is a common knowledge that a divorce can have an enormous emotional impact on both the husband and the wife. Even though the husband and the wife already went through a divorce, sometimes it is still difficult for them to let go. It is advisable that after when the separation already reached its finality, it would also be best to have an emotional closure. In order for you to have a clean break with your ex wife, you both have to decide to get an emotional closure.

Talk with your wife so that the both of you will be able to realize that the marriage is already over. Even though this will be somewhat difficult to accomplish, you need to do this in order to avoid unnecessary hurt on both sides. You already have separate lives so try to be on your own. To have emotional finality, you have to avoid talking about the sensitive and impossible to resolve issues from your marriage. Instead you just have to try to create a new harmonious relationship as ex husbands and wife.

Establish A Civil Relationship

After the divorce, you need to make your mind up what you want your relationship with your ex-wife to be. You have to be specific that you want a civil relationship. After the separation, as much as possible try to make all interactions somewhat business-like. You must treat your wife in a polite and in a professional manner. To establish civility, avoid throwing insults, try to avoid putting blames on your ex wife. You must communicate peacefully and in a calm and serene manner.

Keep the conversations firmly about the children and just the significant concerns. To deal with the ex-wife, you’ll both have to be unified in your decisions and communications with her. If there is something that your ex wife says or does that makes you feel uncomfortable, try to negotiate. When you have to decide about important matters such as issues about your children, do it in a polite way.

When you need to have meeting with your ex-wife over serious matters, select a public location like restaurant, park or community center. It is preferable to avoid private locations as to lessen the tendency for the both of you to engage in a fight. If there is a need, you can bring a friend and allow your ex wife to do the same if you feel uncomfortable meeting alone. As time will go by, you can show your ex-wife that you plan to act civil and want to work through important issues that affect you both.

Set Limits

It is recommended that you must set clear limits in your new relationship as ex husband and wife. You need to draw a line for what certain behaviors are accepted and unacceptable. Inform your ex wife what certain actions you are comfortable with. Tell her also what attitudes will not be tolerated. Both of you and your ex wife should agree on the limits and make sure that you firmly stick by the boundaries you’ have both set in place. For instance you can be assertive but never be aggressive.

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