I Still Love My Ex Wife What Should I Do?


Regrets are always in the latter part of our decisions. This is true to separations and divorce of husband and wife. Sometimes separation is just triggered by sudden irruption of emotions which leads to regretful aftermath. The realization of a man with the confession that says “I still love my ex wife”, is the result of this impulsive decision. There could be a chance of getting back to your wife if you would take the opportunities with utmost ingenuity and love as the source of your determination.

Before planning on the moves that you are going to take to redeem yourself in the eyes of your wife, you should assess if this is worth the effort. Make it sure that once you utter those words, it is not going to be a half-baked decision. It should also be a decision that you’ll be fulfilled to live by. The confession that you still love your life can be superficial if you would not substantiate it with the needed im

provement for the relationship. If you have children, you should take this situation with utmost care and sensitivity considering all possible outcomes that may affect your child rearing. A happy household makes happy children with happy future.

Another thing that you should take note of before you start making assessments of the reasons to why you ultimately separated. If the separation involves physical abuse it’s going to take quite some time before the wound (literally and/or figuratively speaking) fully heals.

If the problem with your marriage was about emotional aspects of the relationship, this could be handled by adjustment by both parties and by the commitment that same things would never happen again. When a man admits that he still loves his ex wife it can be the most romantic sentiment from the man. You should never put it to waste.

Rekindling The Fire

There are many chances that your confession will work in getting back with your ex wife. Obviously she feels the same about you. Chances are that she’s still in love with you. Love doesn’t diminish that fast, it just goes weak at times. What you have to do is rekindle that fire and ignite the romance.


Communication between the two of you is an important aspect in proving your confession about the affection that you have for her. This is much more important if you have kids. Be the father who is responsible to his kids; a man who wouldn’t want to be far from his children. It’s something you can expect to get appreciated for.

Always Ask To Meet Them

It is important that the sentence “I still love my ex wife” should manifest in your actions. Always asking your family to see them is a strong manifestation of the sentence. Take advantage of this privilege and as days go by you might not know it but you are already moving back to your house with your family.

Make Her Realize Why You Should Be Together Again

After pondering about why you should get back together with your ex wife for many days , it is healthy to share this realization to her. Talking about your dreams, plans, and solutions to solve the problem you used to have together is a powerful tool to strengthen the effect of the “I still love my ex wife” confession.

Be Romantic

Do you still remember the last time you gave your ex wife a bouquet of roses? When was the last time you handed her something special? You might have forgotten things that you used to do when you were still courting her. The confession that you still love the wife you once married will be more effective with grand and romantic surprises that will tickle her heart.

If you want to confess the sentence “I still love my ex wife” in front of her you should be ready to possible reactions. There are times that you will get rejected but if the confession is pure and true, you will endure and win back the heart of your ex wife.

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