Getting Her Back Quotes- Beautiful Words For Your Emotions

bpSometimes we run out of words to tell people how we feel. This is when quotes help us and summarize our feelings in a sentence or two. These quotes enhance your understanding of your relationship and give you a much brighter perspective to life. The following quotes will help you pursue your love and understanding your own feelings in a better way.

“Love is never lost, if not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart”- Washington Irving

This quote tells us that all the love you give is never really lost. If you have ever loved someone who didn’t return it, it will flow back to you in other ways. Therefore, a break up should never get you down as love is a universal truth and no one can deny it. If not from the same person, you will get back love from someone else. So don’t regret loving someone who didn’t love you back. You might have to wait a little for your gift of love.

“It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”- Alfred Lord Tennyson

This quote shows that experiencing love and getting hurt is better than never falling in love at all. Love is what makes the world go round and experiencing it at least once in your life is important to prove that you are a human who has emotions and feelings. No person can thrive in isolation and therefore we seek love to motivate us to achieve what we desire. Thus, if you ever loved someone and failed to win that person, you have actually earned that experience of falling in love rather than losing anything.

“And the past does not matter anymore. You are here, I am here, and for once it feels beautiful”- Anonymous

Mistakes and faults in love are no big deal. The real point is that are you ready to accept you partner with his flaws? Thus, forget what is gone and when you are back with your loved one, try to make that moment beautiful instead of complaining about the past. If you have love in your life, everything will work out. Just be grateful that you have someone to love and let go of the petty issues.

“To the world you may be just one person, but to that one person you may be the world”- Anonymous

When you are loved by someone, you mean everything to them. Your happiness is the only thing that is important to them. That is the reason why people make great sacrifices in love. When you are this important to someone, make sure you give them the same amount of respect and love. Even if there were fights and separation, remember that you will always mean the world to that special person, and they will always mean the world to you!

“We waste time looking for a perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love”- Anonymous

This quote tell us that sometimes we spend so much time trying to get what we don’t have, that we forget about the things that we already have. You might be chasing the most beautiful woman in the world, but during that you might have forgotten how loving and caring your own girlfriend is, even if she is not the best looking girl in town. Therefore, instead of expecting your lover to change, change yourself. Love them for what they are and stop trying to seek anything else. If you are happy, there is nothing more you need!

“To know when to go away and when to come close is the key to any lasting relationship”- Anonymous

This quote tells us that separation and wait is a part of a healthy relationship. Fights between two people show that they care about each other and are possessive. These should not be taken negatively and should be seen as a sign of love. People who try to break away due to petty fights don’t realize the real purpose of these fights. Anger is the purest form of love!

“Even after all the crap that we have been through, I know that love will take care of us and we will be okay in the end”- Anonymous

Every relationship has ups and downs, but if your love is true, no problem is big enough to break it. Thus, if you have love in your hearts, minor issues and fights will be overcome with the greatest ease!

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