Does My Ex Girlfriend Still Love Me?

ccIf you have just been in a break up recently, you might ask many questions which have been bugging you since the day of the break up. The most prevalent question would be “Does my ex girlfriend still love me?” This is a pretty normal question for a man who has realized the worth of the woman he had let go. This is why it is important to carefully examine the situation of your relationship before heading for break up which both parties might regret after.

The question could mean many things. You may be asking this because you want to get back with her again. Another reason for asking that kind of regretful question is the fact that your conscience is starting to wake you up for dumping her especially if you had been cheating lately. It could also be interpreted as plain curiosity.

It must be clear to you why you are asking the question “Does my ex girlfriend still love me?” You have to know the reason so you can plan the next move that you should do in answering that question.

There are varied ways to know if your ex girlfriend still loves you. You just have to be ingenious in strategizing plans to answer your query. You should realize that feelings don’t die overnight and the question “Does my ex girlfriend still love me” could be answered by a positive response with “buts”. In the mind of your ex she might say, “Yes, but . . .”


Since your ex girlfriend can’t directly answer your question because of her pride, she would portray signs that you can interpret if she’s still in love with you. Simple greetings could mean little in answering your question. If she always greets you (through text and any mode of communication) every morning, afternoon, and before sleeping in the night, it could mean she’s missing you a lot. Even if this is her usual routine, no ex girlfriend would do this daily because a woman would be busy moving on from her past. If a girlfriend misses you, it still does not guarantee that she is still in love with you but it can tell that there is a chance that she does.

Constant communication is another landmark to your question if she’s still in love with you. If she regularly communicates with you there’s a big chance that she is interested in what you are up to and she’s planning to get back with you. The norm after a break up would be the total stoppage of communication. If she’s deviating from this norm, then the manifestation that she’s still in love with you can be assumed.

This constant communication can transform to friendship which she could be hoping the only way to get back together with you while both emotions are still in turmoil. An intimate friendship with your ex is another landmark to the confusion that you have about the real emotions of your ex girlfriend. She might be using friendship as a tool to monitor your activity and your life so if ever she gets the chance to step in, she’ll take that opportunity to reconcile and be with you again.

It is an obvious sign that she loves you if she’s still attracted to you. Definitely you can tell if she is attracting you since you’ve been together before and you have grasped her personality. The effort to attract you is an arrow that will give you a positive answer to your “Does my ex girlfriend still love me?” question. There are so many ways to tell if she’s really attracting and attracted to you. The sudden transformation of her physical attributes, the hang outs that you do with her even if you’re not committed to the relationship anymore, and the obvious flirting that she does towards you are the signs that can tell that she’s still in love with you.

What To Do

With these signs waving positive answers to your question, you should be able to devise your plan of action. After confirming the answer to your “Does my ex girlfriend still love me?” question, you have to ask yourself “what do I want?” Clarify your intentions in order to get you going to the next step that would satisfy and make your life happier. Would you completely let her go or would you hold her back to your arms?

No matter how long ago the breakup took place or how ugly things got between you. I can still say she has that bit of love left for you. At the end of the day it all comes down to whether you want to give the effort to work into her to work into her emotional weak points and revive the love she has there for you. You might choose to submit your email to our 6 part relationship saving course as we’ll show you how you can make it happen and unveil the many secrets of relationships and breakups. It’s free and we don’t send scams.

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