How To Text Your Ex Back? Examples To Show You!

aiBreak ups are decisions that can be hard to undo. But that is of course, ONLY if you don’t know the right steps to take. Most people are going to think that there’s  practically no getting back at all once you’ve hurt the ego of your lover. If you play your cards well enough, you’re eventually going to win her back, but what you need to acknowledge first is the fact that it was a stupid mistake to let her walk like that. It’s simply because that way your pride can not intervene nor balk your way to your ex. One of the best and effective approaches in reconciling with your ex is through text messages.

In this article you will learn the best “text your ex back” examples. Text messages are awesome, especially in relationships. However, you should understand that text messages have a double edge effect; it can cut in both ways. It basically depends on how you’re using it. Do things right and know the write words to type and it’ll start opening doors to correcting your mistakes. Otherwise, let’s say I can’t say the same… Using text messages in the wrong way may further damage the broken relationship that you had with your ex. Might even drag it beyond reparation. Text messages don’t make your ex feel alienated. Your ex might be feeling like keeping some distance from you and approaching her with text messages is what won’t make her feel violated by mere intrusion.

One major aspect of the theory is that contact should be done not exceeding one and a half month after the break up. The no-contact rule as many experts would advice is an important aspect in the process of having an open communication with your ex, even through text messages. The one month leeway after the break up allows your ex to ponder things, evaluate what happened, and most importantly miss you. Spoiling this space between you and your girlfriend can be the worst decision that you would do in the process of attracting her back to your arms after the break up.

Some Things You Should Know About Texting Your Ex…

Before making any contact, it’s best to do a little survey on yourself. Ask yourself:

“Why do you want to get back with your ex if the experience being with her/him was not that successful?” “Is it love that your feel?” “Is it the fear that you won’t find someone who would accept you the way you are?” or “is it your ego pushing you to get your ex?”

You have to clarify your intentions. You can only permit yourself to go with it once you’re sure to yourself that she or he is the one. If it’s just a whimsical step to make some adventure out of your boring life, then I’d say it would be better to see your ex with someone who can really love him/her the way you can’t.

After the one month space that you gave to your ex, the time has come for texting him/her. But there are still guidelines that should be your prime consideration. It might not be such a good idea randomly hitting your keypads with lavish romantic, desperate, too confident, needy, and clingy text messages to your ex.

The first rule is that you should never initiate an empty conversation with your ex. What’s an “empty” conversation? When we text things like “Hi!”, “Wazzaup?”, and so on. These are the text messages that are much more likely to be ignored and deleted as soon as they’re read by your ex.

The first text message should be something unique. You have to go as far away from being desperate as possible. First you should be positive, the topic should be light with moderate nonchalance, and most of all you should not manifest a feeling of illness towards your ex. The first message should be a minor awareness that you’re still thinking about him/her. For almost a month of non-communication, the sudden text message from you may stir the consciousness of your ex. If you’re ex is still in love with you, expect that there will be an immediate response coming from her/him. For a handful of reasons, it’s valid that there might be some delays, but eventually s/he will text you back and respond to your messages with delight.

A text your ex back example should sound like this, “I just went to San Francisco to close a deal with an investor. While driving, I saw a little girl wearing a blue hat. It reminded me of the hat you used to wear. Hope you’re doing well!” That could be the best first text message to your ex. If you’re going to be keen on the parts of the text message, you will notice that there’s an update of what you have been doing (it should be a positive one or at least a progress to your career and etc.). This should be factual.  The next part is something about your ex that reminds you of her/him. And the last part is a positive remark or message.

This should be a perfect text your ex back example to get started appeasing your ex for the past things that you both experienced. It is very much important that before engaging in this step, you should have something that you can present to your ex –a progress from who you were before and a change from the man/woman s/he used to hate.

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