Letter To Ex Girlfriend To Get Her Back – There Are No Emotions Like Written Emotions


Often, a break up leaves a relationship in a mess. The mess is usually so big that we are not even on speaking terms with our ex girlfriends. In this case, calling seems like a major knock out to our ego. Thus, I’m going to share a simple secret that will help communicate your feelings to your girlfriend, and the secret is: write her a letter!

Understand your feelings first

Try to find out if you still love you ex girlfriend or not. If today is one of those days when you are just feeling lonely, you probably don’t have to write a letter. Just write a letter if you really want her to fall in love with you again.

Why should you write a letter?

It is easier to control your emotions when you are writing than when you are talking to someone in person. You might not be able to control your anger or tears, and this is when writing a letter seems like the best option. When you start writing the letter to your ex girlfriend, tell yourself a few points:

  • I’m not going to blame her
  • I’ll keep a neutral tone
  • I will not act needy
  • I will just communicate my feelings without acting desperate.

These points will ensure that you letter is not a piss off for your girlfriend but simply a statement about your feelings.

As you write…

Try not to block your thought process as you write and write whatever comes to your mind. Don’t send this letter; this is just a reflection of your emotions. When you read this letter, you will understand your emotions better. Are you really in love with her? Are you just angry? Your choice of words will say a lot about your emotions.

Edit the letter

Now it is time to edit your letter according to the above mentioned points. Make it look like a letter that just shows that you care. It doesn’t have to be a love letter full of love, hugs and kisses. Just keep it simple by telling your ex girlfriend that you miss her and want her to be happy. Don’t be selfish, or mean. Make sure that you are not sounding desperate. Just comparing your life with and without her will do the trick.

Should you mail it?

If you think your girlfriend checks her mail often, you can mail the letter to her. However, it is obviously a better idea if you have it handwritten. When you write something in your own handwriting, it shows the effort that you are putting and how much you actually care. You can slip the letter under your girlfriend’s door. This will be really special and give her the idea that you came all the way just to drop a letter. To a girl, this will obviously mean a lot and may even be a very sweet thing to do. Just a letter will fix a lot, without even you having to say anything to her directly!

Leave a text

Just to confirm that she has read your letter, text her that you hope she read your letter. This way she will confirm it to you if she has or not.

Wait for her to take a step

After you have written a letter, you should wait for her to contact you. If she doesn’t react, she probably found it weird as she is already over you. You don’t have to do this again if she is not willing to do anything in return. However, chances are that she will love it and will start missing you immediately after she has read it!

Writing a letter may be old-fashioned and stupid, but it will work wonders for you. It will show you if the girl you are trying to get values your feelings or not, and whether she is worth any more effort or not.

Compare her reply with your letter

Comparing her reply with your letter will help you see if she has as strong feelings for you as you do, or if she has any at all for that matter. If her reply is a simple “that was nice of you…” you probably don’t stand a chance. Don’t be an annoying loser and let her be if she is not interested anymore.

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